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AVIS Rent a Car Azerbaijan

Краткосрочная и долгосрочная аренда автомобилей

Описание: Avis Azerbaijan In 15 Aprel 1997, Avis was introduced to Azerbaijan by SET AUTO LTD. which was the member of Turkey’s largest industrial and services group Koc Holding. Koc Holding is the only Turkish company in the Fortune Global 500 list and within the top 200 largest companies in the world. (186th with the 2007 results). The combined revenue of Koc Holding is USD39.5 billion in 2007. Until 2002, the rent a car sector in Azerbaijan showed a very stable profile. Where after this date the great improvements and investments in Azerbaijan Oil Sector has reflected the same performance to the rent a car sector as well. In 2002, Avis Azerbaijan has enlarged with new vehicles both for self drive and chauffeur driven where the fleet size has climbed up to 200' s and 80 personnel. Today, Avis Azerbaijan is running with a fleet size of 200 vehicles as a market leader in Short term and long term rental operations.
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