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"C-GROUP HOTELS & RESORTS" был основан в 2002-м году и начал свою деятельность с управления отеля "Ramada" в Баку и Гяндже. На данное время компании принадлежат 5 различных отелей, а также рестораны.

Our initiative was founded in 2002 and started its’ business with managing Ramada Hotels in the capital of Azerbaijan; Baku and second largest city Ganja. Currently, we are managing 5 different luxury hotels and resorts as an experienced actor in hospitality management industry.

We are offering a privilege of comfort in all rooms and suites. Our standards consist of luxury with the best quality and excellent service concept. You will feel yourselves at home and enjoy the luxuriously designed facilities.

It is our pleasure to serve you and make your stay comfortable and enjoyable through our passionate and qualified service staff. We are always here to provide the best for our guests whether they are with us for business or leisure travels.

On the other hand, you may enjoy the best samples of local and international cuisine from our restaurants which are located in different parts of Baku. All tastes are developed with the experience and knowledge of C-Group’s professional team and every single plate designed as an art work.



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