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Информация о HGN COUNSELOR

В 2007 году мы основали "HGN" - юридическая фирма с полным перечнем услуг, чтобы обеспечить уникальные услуги в регионе. Хоть мы и являемся молодой компанией, мы выбрали очень агрессивную стратегию на местном рынке, привлекая широкий круг клиентов, включая предпринимателей и международные корпорации. Наше участие в крупных местных и региональных проектах в качестве юридического консультанта для различных транснациональных корпорации дало нам непревзойденное преимущество над нашими конкурентами. Сегодня мы являемся предпочтительным партнёром для некоторых выдающихся национальных холдингов.

In 2007 we founded HGN – aRUS_8780 full service law firm, to provide unique services in the region . Although a young company, we have chosen a very aggressive strategy in the local market attracting a broad range of clients including entrepreneurs and international corporations. Our involvement in major local and regional projects as legal counsel for the various transnational companies has given us unrivalled advantage over our competitors. Today we are a partner of choice for some of the most distinguished national holdings.

At HGN we believe in the ethical conduct of business and pursuit of justice. Our work creates positive change in corporate and governmental behavior, benefiting our clients and making the world a safer place. The partners and associates of HGN are nationally recognized lawyers with outstanding experience in their respective areas of expertise with high standards of ethical conduct in the pursuit of justice for clients. We have a solid foundation and have cons
istently earned high honors. We are distinguished by our excellent customer service, addressing each and every need of our clients, while providing outstanding legal services on par with large corporations. Our attorneys are leaders among country’s lawyers, offering the high quality of legal services expected from the larger firms and the client attention that distinguishes the best boutiques. Our business and litigation lawyers are proactive advisors who take time to understand our clients in order to meet their objectives and avoid potential issuRUS_8789es.

We are a multi-practice law firm comprised of lawyers and a number of associates with expertise in almost every field of Azerbaijani law. Our seniors’ team consists of well-known lawyers with domestic and international practice Having unrivaled educational background and experience our attorneysare an ideal partner for foreign investors looking for legal assistance with their projects in Azerbaijan.

Our practice encompasses corporate law, banking, energy and natural resources, telecommunication, insurance, real estate, intellectual property, legal entities’ registration, employment and private law matters. Moreover, we also provide dispute resolution and litigation services before the courts and state bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan. We are known to be the ”winning litigation team” in Azerbaijan.

Major foreign and local companies are among our most loyal clients. We possess the knowledge, staff, and resources necessary to represent our clients in the most complex cases. In our practice we have represented our clients in lawsuits against banks, insurance companies, tax, and other governmental agencies. As skilled litigation lawyers, we have the courtroom experience to fight and win the biggest and best the defense has to offer. We are equally effective in settlement negotiations for our clients.

Our team of real estaRUS_8901te lawyers is comprised of the most professional local lawyers and real estate brokers.

In addition we also engage in cooperation agreements with leading local audit companies, which allows us to assist our clients in their day-to-day tax and accounting issues.

Our clients come from around the world, and in order to ensure quality service we provide assistance in Azerbaijani, English, Russian, and other languages.

HGN COUNSELOR (+99450) 210-26-86 Мобильный
(+99412) 538-68-20 Ресепшн
Адрес: AZ1065, г. Баку Тбилисский пр-т. 47/49
Ясамальский район
Ориентир: Chirag Plaza


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