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Commercial Press Releases

Press releases posted on Navigator.az - is an advertising tool to immediately inform the wide audience of the site about the opportunities and achievements of your company. It will be seen by visitors of the site, as well as representatives of companies that constantly use the information placed in our reference and information system (potential customers and partners).

The press release is placed on the main page of the site , before being replaced by the following press releases. The press release is placed with a photograph (picture 500px × 300px), which attracts additional attention of visitors and can be framed as a static banner.

The effect of placing a press release is divided into 2 stages : Immediate and postponed. Since information about the company's capabilities will always be available to visitors - potential customers will again and again contact you from the pages of our website.

Requirements for a press release

The press release must be in a form and can contain contact information, as well as a link to the company's page in the directory.

The press release should show:

* Logical introduction
* Information on the proposed products / services or event
* Logical completion
* Contact information

Cost of placing a press release

300 AZN - Placement of a press release on the main page of the site

Additional Services

100 AZN - Output of a press release to the main page from the archive (re-output)
100 AZN - Compiling (writing) a press release by our specialist
50 AZN - Preparation of the advertising picture 500px × 300px for the placed press release

For more information on placing press releases, you can get in the advertising department by phone:

(+99412) 497-83-91
(+99412) 497-83-92
(+99412) 492-83-37

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