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Низаминский Телефонный Узел обслуживает нижеуказанные районы: Хатаи, Низами.
АТС: 323/370/371/372/373/374/375/376/377/379/421/422/477/478/511/520/555/565/570/

NIZAMI TELEPHONE NODE (+99412) 422-30-99 Отдел абонентской оплаты
(+99412) 421-18-99 General
(+99412) 421-84-99 Отдел связи интернета
(+99412) 421-81-01 Приёмный отдел
Адрес: AZ1118, Baku 64, 8th km. vill.
Низаминский area
Kindergarten “Brave Kids” is located in Baku White City

Ideal infrastructure and an example of modern architecture

Children aged 1.5 to 6 years are admitted to kindergarten

Kreart Digital Print House – operational polygraphy!

Business cards, forms, postcardes, catalogs, stickers, paper bags

All kinds of design and printed services!

Ness Travel - favourable terms for your holiday

Organising festivals and entertaining events to a high standard

Travel offers such as hotel reservation and ticket booking

OFFISSA DIZAYN - Large selection of office furniture

Furniture which integrates originality, practicality and ergonomi

We guarantee quality, reliability and professionalism

Our purpose is to create and to develop web sites.

We offer any type professional website building services.

Also, a set of services to promote your website on the Internet.