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16 May
Iteca Caspianpower
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Course on 24.05.2019
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Course on 24.05.2019
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Iteca Caspianpower


Information about QANUN

Книжная типография «QANUN» более 10 лет на рынке держит лидирующие позиции. Соблюдение старинных традиций печати в сочетании с применением современных технологий позволяет нам предложить лучшую цену на печать книг и короткие сроки производства при неизменно высоком качестве продукции.
Ассортимент предлагаемых нами наименований продукции очень велик.

QANUN (+99412) 431-38-18 General
(+99455) 212-42-37 Mobil
(+99412) 431-16-62 General
Адрес: АZ1102, Baku Tbilisi ave. 76
Насиминский area
Reference point: Chirag Plaza
We highly evaluate your gold!

A deposit of 120% is keeping safe with 2.5% monthly

Gym Olympiyski-The monthly subscription starts from 45

spacious locker rooms, comfortable showers, turkish hammam

and a finnish sauna with an installation for generation of snow

We provide a wide range of services such as:

recruitment services to corporate as well as individual clients

translation, educational courses, business consultancy

Ness Travel - favourable terms for your holiday

Organising festivals and entertaining events to a high standard

Travel offers such as hotel reservation and ticket booking

Long-term and short-term car rent

Driver's services. Transfers from / to the airport

Affordable prices. High-quality service