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Course on 19.10.2019
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Information about AQUATECHNIC

Aquatechnic has a wide audience of customers and has established itself as a reliable contractor for installing equipment and mechanisms (cleaning and filtration systems, water pumps, pipe wiring and communications, lighting equipment), disinfection, chemical treatment and cleaning of swimming pools. Also make a diagnosis of components, mechanisms and filters (if necessary, replace the quartz sand). Qualitatively perform work on the mechanical and dry cleaning of swimming pools, if necessary, assist in the procurement of aggregates and chemistry.




AQUATECHNIC (+99450) 537-00-93 Mobil
Адрес: Baku -
--- area
Translation services

Written, simultaneous, consecutive translations

Organization of conferences, rental of equipment for translation

Norton Enterprises Support Services Consulting company

Taxation, accountancy, auditing and HR services

Financial services and holding seminars

Huner Group offers you repaired and non-repaired

apartments in residential complexes Park Tower,Huner Towers Altem

Tower in White City at the initial price of 1700 manat per 1 m2 !

"Delta Service" - polygraphy at hand!

Rate our work ourselves!


Customs clearance & transportation of goods of any type and size

Transportation, forwarding, any type of transport & transit cargo