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16 May
Iteca Oil gas
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Iteca Oil gas


  • Specialization:
  • Language of communication:
    Azerbaijani; Russian; English
  • Address:
    Baku 2
    Наримановский area
  • Metro:
    Nariman Narimanov
  • Phone:
    (+99412) 440-71-20 General
  • Working days:
    Monday - Saturday (Суббота 09:00-15:00)
  • Working hours:
    09:00 - 18:00 (перерыв:  13:00 - 14:00)
  • E-mail:
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Fire Safety Caspian Azerbaijan MMC was established in 2018 to provide Fire and Safety Services of an international standard to many Companies in the Caspian Region.
FSCA stocks a wide variety of products to meet customer requirements throughout the diverse fields of the Fire and Safety industry.
Examples of Product Range
Air Purity Test Equipment
Breathing Apparatus
Fire Blankets and Cabinets
Firefighting foam products
Fire Hose Reels
Fire Fighting Hose
Fixed Fire Suppression Systems Inc; CO2 and Water Fog
Portable Gas detectors
Inflatable Lifejackets
Photo luminescent Safety and Escape Signs
Portable Fire Extinguishers (NAFFCO)
Water/ Foam throwing equipment Inc; Nozzles, inductors and monitors
Survey’s, Installation and Maintenance
FSCA offers surveys carried out by technicians with a wealth of experience that have supported BP and their contractors on all key phases of both ACG and BTC, including nine years providing BP Safety Maintenance Contract Services.
In 2018 FSSA was awarded SOCAR contract for servicing and repair of more than 14,000 units of different types of fire extinguishers.
Services include the survey, installation and maintenance of all fire and safety products. Technicians are available 24/7/365 to service, repair and maintain fire and safety equipment. Service and maintenance to international standards are available onsite or can be carried out in the company’s fully equipped workshop. It covers mechanical, electrical, onshore, offshore and marine. FSCA are able to provide survey, design, installation and commissioning of all types of fixed fire suppression systems. Technicians are also trained in a wide range of our manufacturer’s products within fire and safety industry, including:
Breathing Apparatus supply, commissioning and maintenance
Lifejackets, Liferafts supply, commissioning and maintenance
Portable Fire Fighting Equipment supply, commissioning, maintenance (NAFFCO
Water/Foam Hose Reel supply, commissioning, maintenance
Hydrant and Hoses supply and maintenance
Water/Foam Monitor supply, commissioning and maintenance
Suppression Systems (CO2 and Watermist) Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance (Ansul R102)
Portable Gas Detection supply and maintenance (Crowcon)
Cylinder inspection and recertification
Fire Fighting Foam concentrate/produced analysis
Client Training Workshops

Workshop Facilities
Our Baku workshop has been purpose built and equipped to provide the full range of services required across the fire and safety industry. Continuous development of technicians, products and services ensures we meet with the ever changing Customer and International requirements. Workshop Services Include:
Refurbishment and repair of most makes of fire and safety equipment
Air Purity Testing
Breathing Apparatus Maintenance
Breathing Air Cylinder Filling
Cylinder volumetric pressure testing and refurbishment BS EN 1968:2002 or BSEN 1803:2002
CO2 filling of extinguishers, cartridges and fixed system cylinders
Fire Fighting Foam Concentrate Analysis
Lifejacket Maintenance
Liferaft Maintenance
Liferaft Cylinder testing, refurbishment and filling
Portable Fire Extinguisher testing, service and filling

FIRE SAFETY CASPIAN AZERBAIJAN (+99412) 440-71-20 General
Адрес: Baku 2
Наримановский area
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