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Information about SV CONSTRUCTION

Since 2008, our company, which works in various fields of construction, is now under the name of "SV Construction" operates. We are always delighted to present you the following types of services by targeting customer satisfaction and innovation:

1. Water insulation systems (foundation, facade, roof) 2. Thermal insulation systems (facade, roof, interior) 3. Fire-extinguishing systems (facade, roof, interior) 4. Epoxy flooring systems 5. Decorative flooring systems 6. Pool systems 7. Architectural surface protection systems 8. Acoustic sound insulation systems 9. Fine-tuning interior design

When you insulate your buildings from heat, water, fire, you can count on utility costs up to 30-60% we will be able to offer a more reliable and up-to-date system for our clients, as part of our project, as an adviser to our project. We provide customers with the system's comfort and confidence by providing system recommendations for all the upcoming requirements. As you choose SV Construction, we guarantee the best quality of our work by selecting the most famous domestic and foreign brands as our partner.

SV CONSTRUCTION (+99412) 555-80-55 General
(+99450) 299-80-08 Mobil
Адрес: AZ1000, Baku Academician Hasan Aliyev 82
Наримановский area


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Long-term and short-term car rent

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