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"VUNDERKIND" is a modern rehabilitation center for children and adults with special needs and mini kindergarten.

Our specialists (local and foreign) have been trained and certified in Germany, Israel, Turkey, Russia in the field of modern physiotherapy, special pedagogy, psychology, speech therapy, sensory therapy, massage, manual therapy, audio training based on Tomatis, hydrotherapy, hippotherapy and etc.

In our center:

• Special methods for assessing the development of the child: Bailey, Wexler, Semago, Denver 2 and other techniques;

• Complex individual programs including the following techniques: Bobat, Vojta, Montessori, Carolina, sensory iIntegration, manual therapy, Kinesio Taping method, spider training, Gait training, Mackenzie technique, special rehabilitation simulators, play therapy, art therapy and other techniques;

• Mini kindergarten for children with developmental problems;

• Online video monitoring;

• Pre-school education for children with developmental problems;

• Work is carried out 6 days a week;

• Organization of holidays, excursions;

• Classes are conducted in three languages: Azerbaijani, Russian and English.

Адрес: AZ1000, Baku 122
Наримановский area


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