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Course on 22.09.2019
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CEO Iteca


Information about COINTEG (ES MAMMADOV R.V.)

"Cointeg" специализируется на поддержке иностранных компаний, входящих на рынок Франции, Турции а также стран Каспийского Региона.
Наши услуги:
- инженерия и бизнес,
- консультации области охраны окружающей среды, энергетических систем, морской, промышленной технологии.

* * * * *

"Cointeg" specializes in support of international companies entering to France, Turkey, as well as countries of the Caspian region.
Products and services: engineering & business consultancy service in field of environment, energy systems, offshore & marine, industrial technology.

COINTEG (ES MAMMADOV R.V.) (+99450) 646-44-42 Mobil
Адрес: AZ1010, Baku Neftyanikov ave. 151
Насиминский area
Reference point: Port Baku Towers


Legal, accouuting ,tax, audit,human resource services.

Professional service,saving time,minimum expences.

Address : Fikrat Amirov 10.

Kindergarten “Brave Kids” is located in Baku White City

Ideal infrastructure and an example of modern architecture

Children aged 1.5 to 6 years are admitted to kindergarten

Nabucco Architectural and Construction company

Design, production, delivery, installation and service

Complete hermetic metal structures

Felix is a distributor of brands such as ROSDOT

IGAT, Japan Oil, Sakura, AWM and other oil producers

and antifreezes for cars and specialized equipment

"Delta Service" - polygraphy at hand!

Rate our work ourselves!