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16 May
Iteca Oil gas
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Course on 23.05.2019
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Buying and selling
in commercial jars
Course on 23.05.2019
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The course of the CBA 23.05.2019
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Iteca Oil gas


Information about AZERBAIJAN TODAY

"Azerbaijan Today" - англоязычный журнал освещаюший социальный, политический и экономический секторы жизни страны.


"Azerbaijan Today" is an independent English-language magazine devoted to the flip-side of economic developmental daily life in Azerbaijan. Its first appearance in January 2001 as the only English magazine which so widely covers all aspects of the politics, economics and culture, and life in Azerbaijan. There are always tradeoffs in any decisions or politics implemented and what serves the interest of one group may not serve the interest of all. As the energy sector draws more and more attention, we hope to address the larger issues that are critial to the development of the entire region, without hiding its problems and difficulties. More transparency is needed in the actions of government and non-governmental organizations alike, which sometimes claim to be fully participating partners in the sustainable development of Azerbaijan.

AZERBAIJAN TODAY (+99412) 498-79-34 General
Адрес: AZ1000, Baku Nizami 137
Насиминский area
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