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Course on 22.11.2017
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Buying and selling
in commercial jars
Course on 22.11.2017
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Legal services

In protecting your rights the best choice is "AA Legal"

"AA Leqal" represents a wide range of legal services,

including in legal, economic, tax matters

"Camelot Kids Land" kids entertaining center

A biggest place, where your children will have a good time

A varied and tasty menu for banquets, holidays and rest

"Adda Project" - Interior and exterior design

Repair and construction work, visualization и

Decor, landscape work, 3d design

Long-term and short-term car rent

Driver's services. Transfers from / to the airport

Affordable prices. High-quality service

We specialize in both commercial and residential cleani

Your order under the close supervision of professionals

Delivery to the address in the shortest time without damage!