President of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO Andrey Sharonov will held a master-class “I: 2.0”

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Course on 22.04.2019
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Course on 22.04.2019
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Consulting services Baku c.

  • 31

    Coaching, Certification ICF International, Business Training, Leadership School, AZ1006, Baku Мушфига Микаила 1C Reference point: Kempinski Hotel Badamdar

  • 32

    Business trainings, АZ1078, Baku Мамедгулизаде Джалила 1/3, 6-ой этаж, Sapphire Plaza

  • 33

    Consulting services in Baku, AZ1000, Baku Измир 5 A

  • 34

    Consulting services, site audit, support service, AZ1000, Baku Буньятова Зии пр-кт 1965, Здание 4 А, 6-й этаж, Бизнес-центр "Дарнагюль"

  • 35

    Audit services, accounting services, personnel accounting, company registration, legal services and consulting, AZ1025, Baku Нобелевский пр-т. 15 Reference point: Azure (Yeni Hayat)

  • 36

    Insurance Company in Baku, AZ1007, Baku Гасымзаде Фейзуллы 55, 6-й этаж

  • 37

    Consulting in the field of marketing, Consulting in advertising, market research, AZ1000, Baku Раджабли Ахмеда 40, 9-й этаж Reference point: Caspian Business Center

  • 38

    Accounting services, registration of enterprises, consulting services, 1C, AZ1052, Baku Раджабли Ахмеда 1/6, 4-й этаж Reference point: Бизнес-центр "Adore Plaza"

  • 39

    Consulting services, attestation of workplaces, AZ1000, Baku Везирова Сулеймана 17 A

  • 40

    Baku STATE Project Institute, AZ1000, Baku Истиглалият 31


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Zebra GC420t printer with compact design and powerful features

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Nabucco Architectural and Construction company

Design, production, delivery, installation and service

Complete hermetic metal structures - Cleaning from the team of professionals!

Washing windows and facades. Dry cleaning of furniture

Cleaning everywhere! Quickly, efficiently and conscientiously!

Production and printing of all types of bags & packages

Paper bags, kraft packages, plastic bags

Boxes, tissue paper, ribbon with print, labels, stickers

Shafa-Genetic analysis in Baku

Pediatrics and Reproductive Research