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14 Feb
ITECA 2019
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Buying and selling
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Course on 22.02.2019
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ITECA 2019
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Consulting services Baku c.

  • 1

    Provision of consulting services, AZ1065, Baku Мухтарова Муртуза 201 Reference point: Бизнес-центр КАРАТ

  • 2

    Research and Consulting services, АZ1065, Baku Джафара Джаббарлы 44, 12-й этаж Reference point: Caspian Plaza III

  • 3

    Business services of the highest class in Azerbaijan, AZ1000, Baku Алиевой Диляры 251 А

  • 4

    Training trainings on management systems, AZ1065, Baku Джафара Джаббарлы 44, 6-й этаж Reference point: Caspian Plaza

  • 5

    As a consulting firm, we have combined advanced academic approach with practical experience in order to obtain the greater results within service sector. As BERC GROUP LLC, We provide Tax, Accounting and Finance, Law, Digital Marketing, IT, Business and IT solutions, Business Management services professionally. , AZ1102, Baku Тбилисский пр-т. 44C

  • 6

    Drawing up business plans at a professional level, AZ1000, Baku Буньятова Зии 1965-й переулок

  • 7

    Providing advisory services for the registration of trademarks, AZ1021, Baku Бадамдарское шоссе 104/105, Жилой массив 2, 2-ой поворот

  • 8

    A wide range of Consulting and Realtor services, АZ1000, Baku Рагимова Сулеймана 178 Reference point: Центробанк

  • 9

    Paid consulting services in various fields, AZ1000, Baku Джаваншира 7

  • 10

    Full range of automation services, AZ1010, Baku Сафаралиевой Кевкап 22


Production and printing of all types of bags & packages

Paper bags, kraft packages, plastic bags

Boxes, tissue paper, ribbon with print, labels, stickers

Kreart Digital Print House – operational polygraphy!

Business cards, forms, postcardes, catalogs, stickers, paper bags

All kinds of design and printed services!

Blanche Tour - affordable prices, great deals

Registration of Tour packages in Azerbaijan, as well as abroad

Air ticket issuance and other travel services

Clean.az - Cleaning from the team of professionals!

Washing windows and facades. Dry cleaning of furniture

Cleaning everywhere! Quickly, efficiently and conscientiously!

"Courrier Service" presents all the post services

inside and outside the country