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16 May
Iteca Oil gas
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Course on 23.05.2019
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Buying and selling
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Course on 23.05.2019
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Iteca Caspianpower

Internet advertising Baku c.

  • 1

    Creating the right sites. Audit of sites. We are developing the most modern world technologies in Azerbaijan., AZ1001, Baku Истиглалият 41 Reference point: Ичери Шехер

  • 2

    Advertising on the Internet, advertising on TV and radio, outdoor advertising, AZ1000, Baku Ашыга Моллы Джумы 138

  • 3

    Offset printing, AZ1000, Baku Демирчизаде 2

  • 4

    Consultations on marketing, graphic and web design, AZ1075, Baku Раджабли Ахмеда 220 Reference point: Afen Plaza

  • 5

    Promotion of goods and services in the B2B and B2C segment, AZ1000, Baku Карабахская 22, 2-й этаж Reference point: Бизнес-центр "Фируза"

  • 6

    Media advertising agency, AZ1000, Baku Расула Рзы 319, "Winter Park Plaza", 3-й этаж

  • 7

    MuzTV Azerbaijan, AZ1123, Baku Мамедова Рахиба 17

  • 8

    Digital, social, viral, DEV, AZ1025, Baku Нефтяников пр-т. внутри "Colab" Reference point: Port Baku Towers

  • 9

    Promo and corporate sites, SMM, SEO, contextual advertising, AZ1001, Baku Метбуат пр-т. 23, 529-й квартал

  • 10

    Advertising on the main page of, AZ1009, Baku Рагимова Сулеймана 309-й квартал, 8-й этаж Reference point: World Business Center

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