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Loading equipment Baku c.

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    Tile, ceramic tile, ceramic, concrete, asphalt cutting and piercing equipment, AZ1000, Baku Ашыга Моллы Джумы 32

  • 2

    Sale and rent of lorries, AZ1000, Baku Азадлыг пр-т. 200/36

  • 3

    Delivery of Elevators, escalators and walking paths (from the Plant manufacturer), installation / dismantling of equipment, development of projects corresponding to our activities, Modernization of lifting devices, maintenance and repair of Elevators, escalators and walking paths, AZ1072, Baku Гасаноглы 9

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    , AZ1012, Baku Шарифзаде 241

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    , AZ1069, Baku Раджабли Ахмеда 23 С

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    Service maintenance of heavy equipment, AZ1000, Baku Бинагадинское шоссе Северная часть, пос. Расулзаде

  • 7

    Rent of modern mobile cranes , AZ1083, Baku Сальянское шоссе 83

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    Delivery of lifting equipment, cranes, etc., AZ1000, Baku Сумгаитское шоссе 6-й км.

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    , AZ1000, Baku Сеидбейли Гасана 30 Reference point: Ичери Шехер

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    OTIS is the world's largest manufacturer of elevators, escalators and moving walkways., АZ1000, Baku Байрамова Фазаила 15

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