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Swimming Pools Baku c.

  • 1

    Sports and Recreation Complex in Baku , AZ1022, Baku Рашида Бейбутова 59

  • 2

    Ultra-modern sports complex, AZ1003, Baku Ягубова Ахада 15

  • 3

    Pools, saunas, Turkish baths, water reservoir engineering, design and construction, AZ1000, Baku Раджабли Ахмеда 225 Reference point: Metro Park

  • 4

    , AZ1014, Baku Бюль-Бюля пр-т. 65A Reference point: World Business Center

  • 5

    Swimming pool, gym, AZ1000, Baku Абилова 26

  • 6

    The sports complex has a gym, a spacious swimming pool, a football field, a billiard room, table tennis and much more., AZ1000, Baku Чобанзаде Бекира 24/04

  • 7

    Fitness club is equipped with a gym, a swimming pool, AZ1065, Baku Багировой Басти 12, -1 -й этаж Reference point: Maryam Plaza (бывш. Kermur Plaza)

  • 8

    Healthy and recreation center, AZ1000, Baku Измир 1033, около отеля Park Heyat

  • 9

    Wellness Center provides you with a sports swimming pool, jacuzzi, Children's pool, phyto-bar, two fitness rooms with exercise machines., AZ1008, Baku Кязымзаде Кязыма 7, Green Park

Production and printing of all types of bags & packages

Paper bags, kraft packages, plastic bags

Boxes, tissue paper, ribbon with print, labels, stickers

Long-term and short-term car rent

Driver's services. Transfers from / to the airport

Affordable prices. High-quality service

Nabucco Architectural and Construction company

Design, production, delivery, installation and service

Complete hermetic metal structures

Kindergarten “Brave Kids” is located in Baku White City

Ideal infrastructure and an example of modern architecture

Children aged 1.5 to 6 years are admitted to kindergarten

Pony Express - Shipping and courier company

International and inter-city delivery

Qualitative and reliable delivery services.