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Course on 22.10.2017
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Course on 22.10.2017
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Children's entertainment centers Baku c.

  • 1

    For children Entertainment Center in Baku, AZ1000, Baku Караева Кары 53

  • 2

    Children club, AZ1010, Baku Нефтяников пр-т. 151, 1-й этаж Reference point: Port Baku Mall

  • 3

    Kids entertainment club , AZ1000, Baku Низами 131

  • 4

    Kids entertainment center, AZ1000, Baku Азизбекова Шамиля 95

  • 5

    Attractions for children, AZ1007, Baku Азадлыг пр-т. 95

  • 6

    Family Entertainment Center, AZ1025, Baku Нобелевский пр-т. 15, 3-й этаж Reference point: Azure (Yeni Hayat)

  • 7

    The development of children's positive emotional attitude towards an unfamiliar environment, the formation of their personal social characteristics, as well as the physical, intellectual and social development of children, AZ1110, Baku Рахмана Сабита 53

  • 8

    Children Entertainment Center, AZ1000, Baku Джавида Гусейна 17, "Glass Plaza", 3-й этаж

  • 9

    Children Entertainment Center, AZ1000, Baku Гасаноглы 9 A Reference point: Центр Гейдара Алиева

  • 10

    Closed playground, AZ1000, Baku Хойского Фатали Хана пр-т Genclik Mall, 3-й этаж

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“Faberlik-Kavkaz” LLC perfumery and cosmetics company

Perfumery, cosmetics, household products, network marketing

Baku, Samed Vurgun str., 43 "World Business Center" (15th floor)

Start co-working center

Rent modern and comfortable work spaces

AZ1010 J.Jabbarli N40.Caspian Plaza

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